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I have more music than I know what to do with, and I keeping adding to my repertoire. I have two sets, one is old-timey Appalachian and blues. These songs are the precursor to bluegrass music. They are songs about love, death, drinking and the spiritual life.

My other set of songs are from the Celtic Isles. Though I am a displaced Scottish and Irish decendant by over 200 years, I love these songs. They are fun to sing and even more fun to share. And I suppose a lot of these songs are the precursor to the old-timey songs mentioned above. Obviously, with the immigration of Scotts and Irish to the New World came their music. Over time the lyrics and music changed, though one may hear the similarities.

So whether you are interested in something old time American, something Irish/Scottish or a little of both, then I will be sure to enetertain with a hand clapping and foot tapping good time.

Old-time Appalachian

Irish and Scottish Folk Songs


Real Old Mountain Dew

Wild Rover

Going Across the Mountain

House Carpenter

Brennan On the Moor (Live)

Little Mathie Grove

Monto (Live)

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

Sugar Hill

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Old-timey Set List

1. Angeline the Baker

2. Arkansas Traveler

3. Angel Band

4. Bad Moon Rising

5. Battle of New Orleans

6. Black-eyed Susie

7. Building Me a Home

8. CC Rider

9. Cripple Creek

10. Cluck Old Hen

11. Cuckoo

12. Cumberland Gap

13. Cripple Creek

14. Darlin’ Cora

15. Down the Old Plank Road

16. East Virginia

17. Frankie and Johnny

18. Glory, Glory

19. Gospel Plow

20. Going Cross the Mountain

21. Great High Mountain

22. Ground Hog

23. Hand Me down My Walking Cane

24. House Carpenter

25. I’ll Fly Away

26. In the Pines

27. I Saw the Light

28. I’ve Endured

29. I Wish I was a Mole in the Ground

30. I Wish My Baby was Born

31. John Hardy

32. John Henry

33. Julianne Johnson

34. Little Maggie

35. Little Mathie Grove

36. Liza Jane

37. Lonesome John

38. Lynchburg Town

39. Molly Hare

40. Moonshine

41. O Death

42. Old Blue

43. Old Joe Clark

44. Paul Revere’s Ride

45. Pretty Polly

46. Rain and Snow

47. Red Rocking Chair

48. Reilley and Spencer

49. Rock the Cradle Joe

50. Rose Connelly

51. Rye Whiskey/Moonshiner

52. Sail Away Ladies

53. Shady Grove

54. Sitting on Top of the World

55. Soldiers Joy

56. Stacker Lee

57. Sugar Hill

58. Take this Hammer

59. There’s No Hiding Place down Here

60. This Train

61. Tom Dooley

62. Two Ravens

63. Warfare

64. Wayfaring Stranger

65. West Virginia Hills

66. Whiskey ‘fore Breakfast

67. Wild Bill Jones

68. Worried Man Blues

and many more

Irish Set List

1. All for Me Grog

2. As I Roved Out

3. Beer Beer Beer

4. Black Velvet Band

5. Brennan On the Moor

6. Dirty Old Town

7. Donald Where’s Your Troosers

8. Donegal Danny

9. Drunken Sailor

10. Fields of Athenry

11. Finnegan’s Wake

12. Foggy Dew

13. Follow Me Up to Carlow

14. Gentleman Soldier

15. God Save Ireland

16. Gypsie Laddie

17. Hi for the Beggar Man

18. Hills of Connemara

19. I’ll Tell Me Ma

20. I’m a Rover

21. Irish Rover

22. Irish Volunteers

23. Johnny, I hardly Knew Ye

24. Johnson’s Motor Car

25. Lannigan’s Ball

26. Leaving of Liverpool

27. Legion of the Rear Guard

28. Loch Lomond

29. Mary Mac

30. McPherson’s Rant

31. Moonshiner

32. Monto

33. Mountain Dew

34. Muirsheenn Durkin

35. Nancy Whiskey

36. Night That Patty Murphy Died

37. Rattlin’ Bog

38. Reilly’s Daughter

39. Rocky Road to Dublin

40. Some Say the Devil Is Dead

41. Star of the County Down

42. Waxie’s Dargle

43. Whiskey in the Jar

44. Wild Colonial Boy

45. Wild Rover

and many more